Dr. Carolyn Goh


Dr. Carolyn Goh, is a medically qualified Bowen practitioner. In addition to a
Medical Degree, Carolyn also holds a Bachelors in Engineering, a Masters in
Bioengineering as well as a PhD in Bioengineering.

Whilst completing her PhD at Imperial College London in the Analysis of
Infant’s Heart Rate Signals and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, her passion for
healing led to her embarking on a medical degree. On this journey, she
discovered the Bowen Technique and was struck by the healing potential of this

Dr. Goh is passionate about Bowen therapy and is an experienced Bowen
practitioner having used Bowen on patients in GP practices as well as in
hospitals. She currently runs a private practice Bowen For Health from

Violet Hill Studios in St. Johns Wood, London.

‘The human body is a marvel of nature and little is understood of the workings of
this marvelous machine. The body’s ability to heal itself is second to none.
The Bowen Technique works in line with these principles and encompasses the
challenge of understanding the human body more. With each patient, one learns
more of the power of healing. I am very pleased to be able to combine my skills in both engineering and medicine in order to give back to humanity through this amazing technique.

This book would not have been made possible without the help and support of my mentor Alaister Rattray.

Dr. Carolyn Goh

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